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jmke 7th March 2005 15:41

Patriot 1GB 3200+ XBL Dual Channel Memory Kit
Quote - "You may not have heard of PDP Systems but they may just have the best-performing Samsung TCCD-based memory modules!

Join Chai as he takes a look at the Patriot 1GB 3200+ XBL Dual Channel Memory Kit and show you why this memory kit is really a diamond in the rough."

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easypanic 7th March 2005 20:01

This is what mine do: cl3 4-4-10 2T (yeag, I know :) )

upping voltage doesn't help sh*t.

jmke 8th March 2005 09:07

TCCD does not like voltage, try lowering to 2.7-2.8v for best OC results.

Hanne 8th March 2005 13:16

Will try one of these days. :)

Hanne 8th March 2005 13:17

Hanne => easypanic oops :)

jmke 8th March 2005 14:08

she's back home? ;)

easypanic 8th March 2005 15:57

Not for another three weeks :)

easypanic 12th March 2005 19:57

So far for the testing, one of the sticks is giving me constant blue screens... :(.

easypanic 3rd April 2005 19:12

RMA's in less than two weeks almost :super:. rocks :D

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