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jmke 26th April 2010 13:55

Palit GT 240 Sonic 1GB Nvidia Graphics Card Review
Gaming on a budget is a fraise we use quite often on, why? simply put: casual gamers under 25 are for the most part not in the upper tax bracket and the expendable income portion of total profits is pretty slim. After you pay rent, utilities, insurance, food, and set aside a substantial portion for beer money, there isn't much left. Companies like Palit know this and also know the importance of getting the most bang for your buck. Let's be honest the percentage of gamers out there shelling out 500+ dollars on a graphics card are pretty slim. I am sure Graphics card companies would love to have all gamers buying high end cards but the fact of the matter is this: the $75-$200 range cards are the ones that sell. If a company can deliver a fantastic product in this portion of the market their chances of gaining future sales of the expensive cards are much better. So once the customers break the 25 barrier and find themselves with a mortgage and sitting around the middle class of society they can sneak a new monster video card onto their credit card without their wife (or husband) noticing then they will choose the manufacturer that gave them their best when they were of meager means. Today we will be looking at one such budgetastic card from Palit the: GT 240 Sonic 1 GB Graphics Card.

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