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jmke 2nd August 2010 17:09

OCZ Vertex 2 SSD Review
When Solid State technology first appeared on the marketplace it took a little while before the full benefits of it were felt. Not in terms of marketplace saturation, or pricing, but in pure unadulterated performance.

OCZ Technology were one of the first companies to really bring us a drive that was a leap forward over the current mechanical drives when they introduced the Vertex series. It quickly became the weapon of choice for the early adopters and found homes in many high-end systems.

Since then controllers and chips have become much more homogeneous and differences are far less apparent between read speeds of even the base models in a companies line. Write speeds have become the defining factor that separates an "average" SSD from the high performance variants. Of course average in SSD terms is still a quantum leap forward from mechanical drives.

Today we take a look at the OCZ Vertex 2, the follow up to the extraordinarily successful Vertex. Will it be yet more of the same, or has it got enough to keep it on everyones short list?

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