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jmke 10th March 2005 13:09

OCZ Technology Announces the Ultra-Reliable Titanium Memory Series
OCZ Technology today announced the release of their new Titanium Memory series, which is claimed to be extraordinarily reliable.

Where does this extraordinary reliability come from? Titanium memory includes the exclusive OCZ PowerSwap Warranty which ensures the very least possible downtime and guarantees expedited advanced replacement of any Titanium product. In other words, if there is any problem with the memory, you have to report it to the manufacturer and you will get a replacement even before the failed module is sent back.


“For the IT manager of any small business to large company, the PowerSwap Warranty is a dream come true since there is essentially no downtime other than what is needed for the actual exchange of components in a system,” commented Dr. Michael Schuette, Director of Technology Development at OCZ Technology. “In addition, we believe that the PowerSwap Warranty broadcasts a strong message of how confident we are in our quality control and customer satisfaction.”
OCZ Titanium series will include one unbuffered and one server memory product for both DDR1 and DDR2:

PC-3200 Unbuffered DDR 2-3-2-5
PC-3200 Server DDR 3-3-3-8
PC2-5400 Unbuffered DDR2 4-2-2-8
PC2-3200 Server DDR2 3-3-3-8

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