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jmke 23rd July 2009 12:43

OCZ Summit 120GB SSD review
The computer industry moves at a hectic pace, especially when you have technologies that are just becoming mainstream, and that's exactly where solid state drives stand today. Not too long ago now we completed our Solid State Drive round-up where we compared four popular SSD drives, including the OCZ Vertex and the almighty Intel X25-M. That was only two months ago, and now OCZ has brought a new contender in the form of the OCZ Summit which currently retails for $350 for 120GB.

New on the OCZ Summit is a new Samsung controller with a larger 128MB cache. As you may have learned from our previous SSD round-up, it's the controller efficiency that can make or break a solid state drive's performance, so it will be interesting to see how this new arrival changes our outlook on today's best solid state drives.

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