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jmke 30th March 2007 20:12

OCZ Platinum Revision 2 DDR2 800 Memory Kit
From the cheapest budget computer to the craziest enthusiast
system, every major memory maker has kits targeting each type of user.
The problem for many is price versus performance. While those budget and
enthusiast kits have their fans, there is a large group stuck in the
middle. For them DDR2-533 @ 5-5-5-15 doesn't get the job done, but
DDR2-1066 @ 4-4-4-12 is slightly out of their grasp. For this group
there are some great alternatives which offer good performance and
modest overclocking ability at a really attractive price. One such kit
is OCZ's Platinum Revision 2 DDR2 800 Memory Kit. Featuring 4-4-4-15
timings at DDR2-800, the Platinum Rev2 kit is definitely worth
consideration, especially when you look at its sub-$200 price tag.

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