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Sidney 17th May 2005 14:44

OCZ PC2-5400 Platinum EB
Right now, DDR2 is only available to the Intel Platform. The biggest drawback people are complaining about, is that DDR2 is running at slower timings than traditional DDR.
That is why OCZ, who have always been designing products with the enthusiast in mind, came up with a memory that can run at 667 MHz but at tighter timings than the standard JEDEC Spec. The maximum clock we could get out of the memory at 2.4V was DDR726 at Timings of 4-2-2-8.

Link (english):

Link (german):

Whipme 17th May 2005 16:21

Hi Lazyman,
Have you tried a different motherboard?
I have the same Ram and I am running it at 720mhz 4-3-2-8 on 2.1v.
The highest I've pushed it to was 750mhz on timings of 4-3-3-8.

I was using the 14x multiplier and a 3:4 divider. Only problem is that I can't get CPU-z to recognise my memory divider or speed correctly.

jmke 17th May 2005 17:09

hello and welcome to the forums :hello:

in this section of the forum we post links to reviews done by other websites
Lazyman only posted the link, he did not do the review :)

to answer your question; getting your memory divider recognized by software in windows is pratically impossible on current platforms due to the multitude of settings, CPU-Z and other tools mostly display the wrong info, or none at all.

Whipme 17th May 2005 19:53

Sorry about that, will have to keep searching the forums.

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