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jmke 25th May 2007 23:58

OCZ and PC Power & Cooling Join Forces
OCZ and PC Power & Cooling Join Forces to Revolutionize Power Management

Delft, Netherlands 25.May, 2007— OCZ Technology Group Inc. (LSE: OCZ) today announced immediate plans to bring PC Power & Cooling into the OCZ Technology Group. As a worldwide leader in high performance computer hardware, OCZ acquired PC Power & Cooling to utilize their keen expertise in power management and take the organization to the next level. This compelling partnership between the two like-minded companies will create a powerful fusion of patented technologies, innovative, high quality PC components, and improved accessibility of premium solutions for customers worldwide. All parties, including the consumer, will benefit from the acquisition; the combined company is now situated to deliver ground-breaking power solutions to meet the growing demand for efficient, high performance components to power the computing needs of gaming, enthusiast, and mission-critical systems builders alike.

With OCZ and PC Power & Cooling joining forces, the result is a solid partnership aimed at delivering superior solutions to end-users. Combining technical strengths, R&D resources, and complementary proficiencies, the new OCZ Technology Group intends to go above and beyond consumer expectations in quality, service, and hi-tech leadership. As the time-honored frontrunner in best-in-class power solutions, only PC Power & Cooling can redefine and develop the market’s standards of performance, as it has done for the past twenty-two years since its inception in 1985. Previously, PC Power & Cooling solutions were only available to US customers through their online store and a few select resellers and retail outlets. Under the OCZ Technology Group, PC Power & Cooling products will gain the exposure of the established OCZ global channel, maximizing the availability of the reputable line to customers everywhere.

All OCZ and PC Power & Cooling product lines will benefit from the new collaboration efforts. Moving forward, PC Power & Cooling’s complete line of power supplies will become the premium-grade PSU collection from OCZ, and will continue to be branded under the PC Power & Cooling brand. In addition to combining current product lines, the focus of OCZ and PC Power & Cooling is to take innovation and industry leadership to new heights. As the founder and CEO of PCP&C, Doug Dodson, moves into the position of Chief Technology Officer at OCZ, the integration of his expertise will set new standards for OCZ product development and innovation. OCZ’s popular high performance memory modules, PSUs, and flash memory will continue to evolve ahead of the times and stay attuned to the needs of the industry. The outcome is a greatly differentiated range of OCZ and PCP&C solutions available worldwide that addresses the complete spectrum of applications.
“OCZ and PC Power & Cooling are both technology leaders that share a common passion for delivering premium solutions to consumers,” said Ryan Petersen, CEO of OCZ Technology Group. “By bringing these two established companies together we are able to leverage the strengths of each organization and accelerate the development of cutting edge products for a variety of markets. We believe that collectively OCZ and PC Power & Cooling will build on our combined heritage to revolutionize high end computing."
"As an expansion partner, I believe we have found in OCZ the ideal fit for the culture and approach of PC Power & Cooling," said Doug Dodson, founder and CEO of PCP&C. "In my new role as Chief Technology Officer, I will focus on maintaining PC Power's lead in proven ultra high-performance with the Turbo-Cool line, and in value and quiet computing with the Silencer line, as well as provide guidance for the continuing improvement of OCZ's power management solutions. I am excited about the improved accessibility of PC Power & Cooling products and I am confident that our rich tradition of reliability and innovation will continue to strengthen as a part of the OCZ Technology Group."
Building on a shared understanding and mutual enthusiasm for leading-edge computer technology, OCZ and PC Power & Cooling will seamlessly unify to represent the pinnacle of performance. Look for all of OCZ Technology Group's current and future products in its worldwide network of distributors, e-tailers, and retail stores.

Kougar 26th May 2007 02:46

The only thing I expect to see is the undermining of PC Power & Cooling's quality.

It should be telling that PC Power & Cooling's 750watt Quad Silencer is certified for R600 Crossfire, whilte the OCZ 850watt GameXstream is not. Only the 1,010watt GameXstream model from OCZ made the certification.

jmke 26th May 2007 09:29

multi vs single rail design no doubt;

PC Power&Cooling top models will take high end OCZ PSU spots

OCZTobias 27th May 2007 15:19

Hey Kougar,

I appreciate your comment.

Let me ensure you that we are not going to make any changes to the PC Power & Cooling lineup at all.

The OCZ PSU lineup will also continue to exist and of course benefit from the quality of PCP & C units.

With increased resources we are going to make sure that upcoming products will be of the highest quality.

Now we can offer the complete range of solutions from mainstream to

PC Power PSU’s
Premium ‐Enthusiasts, Industrial, Customized Solutions, high end Si’s, Server class and mission critical, Dell upgrades)

(Mainstream – Gamers, modders, enthusiasts, system builders)

Marketing Manager Europe
OCZ Technology Group Inc.

Kougar 27th May 2007 22:33

Howdy Tobias! Y'all seem to really be working on the online PR from what I've seen. :ws:

I mean no disrespect, but it's going to take some time and some indepth reviews of future PC Power & Cooling PSU models released under OCZ ownership to convince me that no corners were cut anywhere to save on production costs. I can be convinced though, just saying that it will be an extremely tough job to do so!

I do respect and even have recommended the GameXstream line of PSUs to fellow system builders, and they have been quite happy with them. I just feel that PC Power & Cooling's offering is one step higher still, and generally offered the best possible quality above all other concerns.

I do look forward to the chance to be proven wrong and to see what PC Power & Cooling can do with the backing of OCZ behind them. :)


OCZTobias 27th May 2007 23:42

Hi Kougar, thats a totally legitimate concern anytime there is a acquistion of this type.

Doug, the founder of PC Power & Cooling will stay with the company as the CTO and lead the development of new products with added resources from OCZ.

The PCP&C prodcut lineup will not be changed by us, it woulnd't be smart to destroy the position they have in the market.

Madshrimps will get some samples as soon as they are available as we work closely together with them so you can convince yourself of the quality ;-)

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