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jmke 11th March 2004 23:15

OCZ Introduces Enhanced Bandwidth Technology
OCZ Develops Breakthrough Enhanced Bandwidth Technology To Fight Reduced Bandwidth Issues In DDR Memory Modules And Announces New Products Featuring The New Technology

Sunnyvale, CA , March 11, 2004 – OCZ Technology Group, a worldwide leader in innovative, ultra high-performance memory solutions for PC enthusiasts and gamers, today announced it has developed Enhanced Bandwidth (EB) technology to deliver improved DDR bandwidth. OCZ also announced the release of several new DDR memory products featuring the new EB technology.

OCZ EB technology builds on optimal usage of DDR command structures to warrant continuous data transfers regardless of the CAS latency of the memory components. This scheme can be extended beyond CAS latency values used in current DDR DRAM technology.

OCZ EB technology challenges conventional wisdom that implicates increased CAS latency as the main factor causing reduced effective bandwidth. OCZ engineers have shown that by reducing the latency cycles associated with the precharge-to-activate delay and the RAS-to-CAS delay along with the use of the Variable Early Read Command feature of DDR, higher effective data bandwidth is possible.

“Enhanced Bandwidth technology is an exciting improvement that, at 2.5-2-3 (CL-tRP-tRCD) latencies, allows most applications to use data bandwidth that is the same as that delivered by CL-2 modules,” said Dr. Michael Schuette, OCZ director of technology development. “By extension, this means that OCZ memory modules provide the most efficient DDR solution available in the retail channel.”

OCZ is releasing several new products featuring the new EB memory in its Platinum series. OCZ is offering PC-3200 and PC-3500 unbuffered DDR memory in 256 MB, 512 MB and 1 GB single modules. Paired EB DDR memory is also available in 512 MB (2x256), 1 GB (2x512), and 2 GB (2x1024) kits.

Read our detailed whitepaper on Enhanced Bandwidth technology here.

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