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jmke 27th December 2003 21:28

OCZ EL DDR PC-3700 Gold Edition Dual Channel Rev.2

piotke 28th December 2003 08:44

I have something weird with my OCZ pc 3200 rev .2

they work without any problem, at 235 Mhz, cas 2 8-4-4, 2.85 Vddr

If I raise the speed (Mhz) a bit, I can run superpi without any troubles, but after 10 seconds or so, i get artifacts, and extreem low fps...

jmke 28th December 2003 10:24

run memtest86 at that speed, memory errors in my humble opinion

Xploited Titan 28th December 2003 10:42

I got OCZ PC3500 EL Platinum Limited Edition (Dual Channel, BH5, 2*512 Mo)... Haven't got time to test it, cos I'm still waiting for my CPU :grum:

But I think it'll be a bit better then the RAM your using...

Someone ordered the same RAM as I and he achieved 245 Mhz @ 2.9V DDR (I know, seems much :D ) and latencies are: 2/2/2/5 :ws: :ws: :ws: :ws:

jmke 28th December 2003 10:58

dont compare BH-5 ram with anything else out there, everybody knows they are the best, but they are no longer produced so it will be very hard to find them, and if you do be prepared to pay a nice ^$$$

Xploited Titan 28th December 2003 11:08

I payed bout 300 and they are re-produced :o Winbond had a too high demand for these chips they decided to reopen the BH5 lines...

So, they are back, in less quantities, but they are back :super:

jmke 28th December 2003 11:09

where can I find those?

OCZ states EOL for their BH-5 product line.
"This product is no longer being manufactured or distributed by OCZ Technology"

Xploited Titan 28th December 2003 12:07

Well, atm, it's again at a full stop :S Sorry for the hope I gave you :(

But I got some good news from the guy who got me this RAM, and I might resell it in a near future... :D

hajj_3 13th January 2004 15:09

if you guys are looking for some BH6 memory and are in the uk i have some kingston hyperx pc 3000 2* 256 dual channel kit, selling for 85 inc p&p

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