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jmke 9th May 2004 23:52

Nvidia will release a new nForce 2 chipset?]
According to all the rumours, the new chipset is named nForce2 Ultra 400Gb! It will feature integrated NVIDIA dual networking, NVIDIA firewall technology, 8 ports of USB 2.0, NVIDIA Sata RAID(Support for RAID 0, 1, 0+1 and JBOD) and IEEE 1394a/FireWire. The most important part is NVIDIA integrates the HyperTransport technology as well as their nForce 3 chipset. It will definitely make AMD K7 platform still alive. Let's wait and see!

Xploited Titan 10th May 2004 10:23

Yippie, maybe gonna replace my nForce 2 mobo :D

Tum0r 10th May 2004 14:46

who wants to buy my infinity :)

kristos 10th May 2004 15:57

crap !!

Just bought me an nf7-s less then a week ago :grum:

jmke 10th May 2004 16:07

these boards won't be in shops before summer, NF7-S was a good buy :)

jmke 10th May 2004 17:04


At the end of the day, the nForce2 Ultra 400Gb's fresh array of features breathes new life into Socket A. Who'd have thought that, a year after AMD stopped ramping Athlon XP clock speeds, Socket A would have a chipset that's this cutting edge?
looks like a very fine board though :) , I especially like the hardware firewall

Tum0r 10th May 2004 17:20

I'm interested in the "HyperTransport technology"

Xploited Titan 10th May 2004 18:47


Originally posted by Tum0r
I'm interested in the "HyperTransport technology"
That's also present in the other nForce chips, in all of them... :D
I saw a reviex, and besides the APU that disappeared, that chip rocks :o

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