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piotke 7th March 2003 12:24


Originally posted by calantak
I have just taken my tnt2 from under the dust...
I have attached a pal 6035 + pelt+60 mm delta fan in my 3 ghz + p4...

mi tnt2 is watercooled, and if I have to I'll also put a pelt on thje tnt2.

2.5 Ghz amd power is better then 3.4 Ghz intel power...

make my day :)

The Senile Doctor 7th March 2003 12:26

I won't
ain't got the time

but don't tempt me, my tbred does 2.850 ghz in a vapo, it's been checked saturday... :)
and I could press that pelt-swifty on the tnt2 :)

jmke 7th March 2003 12:27

less talk, more action!

stronken 10th March 2003 10:10

make some time Calantak

No more words but :mad:

piotke 10th March 2003 10:20


Originally posted by stronken
make some time Calantak

No more words but :mad:

I, did 3 (!) voltmods on my mobo (2* Vcore and Vmem).

Currently running stable @ 12*201 (most agressive timings).

Pelt will also be installed this week, so another "monster" score is on his way....

piotke 23rd March 2003 08:29

installed pelt yesterday, put the cpu @ 11.5*200

Pushed the graka to 207/210, and got a score of 1632. Haven't published it yet, because it's not fun when you're on the first place :)


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