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Stefan Mileschin 1st May 2012 06:13

Nvidia shows off $1000 graphics card
Nvidia's supreme Dalek, Jen Hsun Huang, has just shown inferior beings the latest superior dual-GPU powered, flagship graphics card, the GeForce GTX 690.

The card will be worth $1000 when it gets into the shops and will feature a pair of GK104 Kepler GPUs.

The GK104 is the brains behind the GeForce GTX 680 and has been getting good reviews. However on the GeForce GTX 690, each of the GK104 GPUs will also be paired to its own 2GB of memory. Basically we are talking about creating a GeForce GTX 680 SLI on a single card.

The difference is that the GeForce GTX 690 will have a somewhat lower base GPU clock of 915MHz with a boost clock of 1019MHz. It looks like the memory clock on the GeForce GTX 690 will be 6Gb/s which is the same as the GTX 680.

All up, the GeForce GTX 690 will likely offer about 90 percent improvement in the performance of a GeForce GTX 680 SLI.

Hot Hardware appears impressed and has pointed out that the crucial thing in the set up appears to be the fact that the GPUs on the GTX 690 will be connected via a PCI Express 3.0 switch. When Nvidia has played with dual-GPU powered cards before it has relied on the company's own NF200 which could not support for PCI Express 3.0.

On the downside the rig will suck up 300W. This is not bad when you consider the performance and is 20 percent lower than the 365W of the GeForce GTX 590.

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