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jmke 29th December 2005 23:02

Nvidia's G71 has 32 pipes and 16 ROPs
With the birth of the R580, ATI believes that you should have three to one ratio as R580 has 48 Shaders and 16 pixel pipelines. You donít need much mathematics to figure out that ATI preaches a three to one ratio.
As the G71 will be able to process 32 pixels per clock, it will physically have 32 pipelines but will have just 16 ROPs. This is no surprise to us as Nvidia's G70, Geforce 7800 GTX actually has 24 pipelines and 16 ROPs.

This means that Nvidia and ATI will take completely new approaches, where Nvidia will try to convince everyone that you need more raw pixels than pixel operations.

The G70, Geforce 7800 GTX has 24 texture memory units and 16 ROPs and can theoretically draw eight pixels with each, having three textures per clock. G71 will be able to do even more pixels per clock - it's as simple as that.

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