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jmke 22nd March 2005 13:58

Nvidia lo launch 6600 vanilla SLI
IN ORDER to support its SLI chipsets and setups, Nvidia plans to introduce one more card capable of working in SLI mode. We heard that Nvidia already has a 6600, vanilla flavour, that can work in SLI.
This means that SLI will come to the market and people won't need to spend a lot of money to have dual cards rendering for them. You can buy a 6600GT, but that still costs close to 200 while a 6600 Vanilla should not cost more than 150.

We know that the cards are ready, but Nvidia still doesn't want to announce them officially. I guess that gamers will really like the idea of having two cheaper cards in the systems, making their PCs work faster for games.

We expect to see such a card very soon.

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