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jmke 22nd October 2008 14:33

Nvidia launches Big Bang II Forceware 180 drivers
NVIDIA HAS LIFTED the veil of secrecy over its Big Bang II ForceWare 180 driver.

Nvidia reckons its brand new Geforce 180 drivers are banging for three reasons. Better performance, support for multi-display SLI and for allowing users to dedicate a specific GPU to Physx. Well, itís not exactly on the scale of the Big Bang, but it might qualify as a mildly titillating tremor.

A new driver release would hardly be worth releasing if it didnít offer a performance boost, and the Geforce 180 is no exception. Nvidia boasts gains of over 30 per cent in games like Far Cry 2, at 1680 x 1050 with 4x AA and 16x AF on a Geforce 9800 GTX+ and the new driver. But apparently most other games only see a pretty conservative, non earth shattering 10 per cent performance improvement.

Kougar 22nd October 2008 21:18


Nvidia launches Big Bang II Forceware 180 drivers

But the final version of the driver –still in Beta –....The collaboration should be coming to a system near you around next month.
How very helpful... INQ sinks lower still. I guess it hurts to much to be truthful for them. :)

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