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Sidney 26th October 2005 23:25

Nvidia to launch 7800 GTX 512 on 7th of November
NVIDIA IS planning a seven eleven style counter attack on the Radeon X1800XT.
Just whem ATI said it should be ready with the Radeon X1800XT, its overarching rival plans to reveal its Geforce 7800 GTX with 512MB of memory. As far as we know this card won't have different clock speeds from its 256MB brother but this could easily change.

Nvidia knows that ATI will be one or even two weeks late with the Radeon X1800XT as we donít expect to see any cards before the twenty something of November, and Nvidia will be there to nail ATI with its 512 MB cards.

However, according to intels we found out, we donít expect that the 512MB version of Geforce 7800 GTX will be any faster but you never know your luck in the big city.

We know that Geforce 7800 GTX 512 MB cards are again going to be available at launch, and it's very likely that they will also be cheaper than ATI's Radeon X1800XT cards. Nvidia will have a two to three weeks advantage over ATI.

Nvidia will hit ATI hard and it will hurt, Nvidia is in a better position as it is completely controlling the ball - it already has its cards while ATI has still to get them. This is very hard pressure on ATI, Nvidia is pressing its Canadian rival as hard as it can. But still hope remains, as ATI seems to be the new king of Open GL. So if you like Doom 3 and Quake 4 you might want to wait for ATI.

The Senile Doctor 9th November 2005 17:20

where it it?

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