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jmke 19th May 2009 08:59

nVidia GeForce "GTX380" clocks leak out?
We decided to start Monday on a different scale - your Ed-in-Chief woke up at 2AM European time, just in time for Asia to wake up... and we decided to hear all that we can from interested parties. Information we received was quite interesting - companies know that nVidia has the samples of NV70/G300/GT300 silicon, but they were not delivered through usual sources - which would explain the lack of pictures coming from Chinese websites.

As usual, nVidia is keeping their partners in the dark, but there is a certain power struggle between the companies, with questions flying left and right - in fact, we heard partners repeating the information that originated from our site. At recent annual shin-ding for partners, nVidia was cocky and claimed that the company call help the partners out of the crisis. The GT300 just might be the reason for over-confidence typical when nVidia has a strong part coming out.

Kougar 20th May 2009 01:22

What happened to their website? The domain expire?

No Google cache either. :( MSN does not even link to the page, Yahoo's cache of the page is broken.

jmke 20th May 2009 08:13

yah, noticed this yesterday too, something's up; most likely hosting issues

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