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jmke 16th August 2008 12:45

NVIDIA Geforce GTX 280 GX2 Rumor Runs Wild
From a scalability perspective, single-chip is always better than two. I mean, if you take a look at the scalability of crossfire and you compare that to SLI, if you take your top 200 most popular games, SLI or GeForce GTX 280, the scalability across those 200 games is 100%. Every one of those 200 games are going to scale when you put a GTX on it. When you put SLI on it, those 200 games, the vast majority of them will scale, maybe 90% of them will scale. And with crossfire, a lot less will scale. And so when you use an X2 with crossfire, you are just going to see a lot less scalability. There are many games that donít scale and there are some games that even get worse in scaling.

So you just have to take it case by case and -- but we think our approach is the right approach. The best approach is to do both. If we could offer a single chip solution at 399, it certainly doesnít preclude us from building a two-chip solution at something higher. So I think that having the right price, right product at each price point and the best-performing product at each price point is the most important thing.

jmke 16th August 2008 12:50

Previously also dubbed the GTX 350

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