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jmke 19th March 2009 10:39

Nvidia GeForce GTS 250 Review
As we have expected, GeForce GTS 250 didn’t cause any revolution: and what could we expect from a graphics accelerator that is in fact none other but a renamed GeForce 9800 GTX+? Of course, we could talk about moral and aesthetic aspects of Nvidia’s actions, as they have once again offered the users old architecture under a new name. However, from a pragmatic standpoint, we can conclude that this architecture still has some fire in it, as it copes well with what it is supposed to: it ensures acceptable gaming performance in contemporary titles. And the 55nm process is certainly of great help as it improved the frequency potential of G92.

Unfortunately, since ATI has recently slashed the prices, things are not so rosy for Nvidia anymore: $149 for GeForce GTS 250 is hardly competitive against Radeon HD 4870.

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