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jmke 26th July 2007 12:44

NVIDIA Geforce 9800 Specifications Known
By Q4 2007 (Xmas) NVIDIA will be releasing their GeForce 9800 series GPUs. Unlike previously expected the codename for nVidia's next generation GPU will NOT be "G90" but instead be "G92". G92 will be released in November 2007 timeframe in the form of "GeForce 9800" series. (this will not get confusing with ATI 9800 series, right? :))

"G92" GeForce 9800 GTX specs.

- 65nm process technology at TSMC.
- Over one billion transistors.
- Second Generation Unified Shader Architecture.
- Double precsion support (FP64).
- GPGPU native.
- Over one TeraFLOPS of shader processing power.
- MADD+ADD configuration for the shader untis (2+1 FLOPS=3 FLOPS per ALU)
- Fully Scalar design.
- 512-bit memory interface.
- 1024MB GDDR4 graphics memory.
- DirectX 10.1 support.
- OpenGL 3.0 Support.
- eDRAM die for "FREE 4xAA".
- built in Audio Chip.
- built in tesselation unit (in the graphics core)
- Improved AA and AF quality levels

65nm process will allow for better yields and better power consumption. power consumption will be lower than that of a GeForce 8800 GTX. GeForce 9800 GTX will be over two times faster than a GeForce 8800 Ultra in real world games and applications.

Release date : November 2007. There will be TWO products at launch: The flagship GeForce 9800 GTX and the second fastest GeForce 9800 GTS.
- price for the GeForce 9800 GTX will be 549-649 USD.
- price for the GeForce 9800 GTS will be 399-449 USD.


jmke 26th July 2007 12:45

This should be entertaining if it is true; as usual now with NVIDIA they won't price the 8800 series lower, they will just stop producing them, so no bargain 8800 in shops, only through second hand sources.

- Will be interesting to see how the "free 4xAA" will play out.
- If performance estimation is correct, this would mean that ATI R700 should also be at least 2x8800 Ultra speed, if it wants to have a chance at the "performance crown". Info leaks have the R700 consisting of multiple cores, so it might be able to pull it off if they "tack on" enough of them on a single card.

Rutar 26th July 2007 13:03

Do you really want a 8800GTX if there is something that consumes less power and is twice as fast?

*urge to buy GTX now completely gone*


jmke 26th July 2007 13:06

if second hand GTX becomes <€300, it will make a nice deal:)

Kougar 26th July 2007 13:31

If true, it would be as if Nvidia is pulling an "Intel". If those performance and power consumption figures are even close to true, this will be "C2D vs K8" all over again except in the GPU sector. :D

Nvidia will match ATI's 1GB GDDR Memory, match the 512bit-wide bus, match the onboard audio chip, and likely not last nor least match built in hardware tessellation ability. Then raise them DX10.1 and OpenGL 3 support, eDRAM, and the same TeraFLOPS equating to two HD 2900's in Crossfire. I've lost interest in F@H on the HD 2900. :-p

geoffrey 26th July 2007 13:44

My one year old LCD needs a replacement allready? :(

jmke 26th July 2007 13:50

not quite, unless you think games at 4xAA/8xAF 1600x1200 look ugly? ;)

geoffrey 26th July 2007 14:08

Why stick to 1600x1200 if your VGA card can do much better :)

RichBa5tard 26th July 2007 14:25

Holy poop, those are quite some impressive specs.

Now if only you could upgrade your Wii with this card. :D

jmke 26th July 2007 14:50


Originally Posted by geoffrey (Post 150376)
Why stick to 1600x1200 if your VGA card can do much better :)

because that's the max of your current LCD screen, dummie ;p

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