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jmke 1st May 2007 12:05

Nvidia GeForce 8800 Ultra 768MB Performance Unveiled
The new high-end graphics card from Nvidia is projected to be based on the overclocked version of the GeForce 8800 GTX, the currently shipping flagship offering from the company. The new GeForce 8800 Ultra will still have 128 stream processors, 32 texture mapping units, 24 raster operation units and 384-bit memory bus, however, its clock-speeds will see a boost: the clock-speed of the processor will be 612MHz, while its unified shader processors will operate at 1500MHz, according to some sources. Memory frequency of the product is 2160MHz, which is 360MHz higher compared to the typical 8800 GTX. The new GeForce 8800 Ultra product is fully compatible with DirectX 10 and features the same list of capabilities as other GeForce 8800-series graphics cards.

geoffrey 1st May 2007 18:04

Think we will see lots of "how-to upgrade your 8800GTX to 8800 ULTRA" guides appearing soon :)

jmke 1st May 2007 18:06

memory will be a problem:)

geoffrey 1st May 2007 18:11

Not if you voltmod it with a pencil :)

blind_ripper 1st May 2007 20:12


Originally Posted by geoffrey (Post 144046)
Not if you voltmod it with a pencil :)

and what if this is not the same mems ! becaus i think these are othere mems . remeber the 7800GTX 256 and the 7800GTX 512mb ? bothe same clocks evry thing the same but when oc'd the mems go sky highe ;)

geoffrey 2nd May 2007 14:31

Mems will be differend indeed, though you will still be able to hit Ultra specs without a problem in most cases.

Massman 2nd May 2007 17:07

The average oc of a 8800 GTX is 663/1060 (HWBOT - 3594 entries), so the memory will be the problem ;)

geoffrey 2nd May 2007 17:31

that's where the pencil might come in handy :)

Massman 2nd May 2007 18:17

True ... very true :D

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