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Sidney 12th December 2007 00:23

Nvidia Geforce 8800 GTS V2 (G92) ASUS & ZOTAC
When it was first released the GeForce 8800 GTS was a very attractive product. It included all of the features present on the more expensive GTX and was smaller, which meant it could fit in a standard PC case. In the year since the product first appeared two launches have occurred which had an impact on how appealing the GTS was. The first of those launches was the Nvidia 8800 GT. This new card brought functions such as PCI-Express 2.0 and High Definition video acceleration into the mainstream market, two features which were missing in the GTS. The next launch was ATI’s Radeon HD 3870. Although the 3870 was not as fast as the 8800 GTS the lower price point, PCI-Express 2.0 support and HD acceleration made it worthy of consideration for many people.

Today we are taking a look at Nvidia’s refresh of the 8800 GTS which is designed to bring the performance and specifications up to where they should be for the suggested price range.

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