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jmke 30th April 2006 14:48

Nvidia GeForce 7900 Quad SLI Performance Benchmarks
When announcing the quad SLI technology at CES 2006, Nvidia Corp. stated that there are some gamers who desire to have extreme performance, quality and exclusivity, but did not begin shipping such products immediately. At CeBIT 2006 the company stated that the systems featuring four GPUs were shipping, even though not all system makers can supply such computers even now. Two announcements and several systems shipped to end-users later, X-bit labs is publishing the performance preview of the technology that made such a loud hype to reveal all the truth about it. Check out how a GeForce 7900 quad SLI performs against rivals in over 10 games.

jmke 30th April 2006 17:04


you have really be careful with enabling the SLI AA 32xs on the GeForce 7900 quad SLI right now, as in quite a lot of titles it cannot guarantee smooth framerate,
go figure;)


During the testing we also experienced numerous crashes and freezes in different situation, primarily in high resolutions or with high levels of SLI AA enabled, which is why we could not compete quite a number of test runs. After numerous crashes we decided to switch to a 1000W power supply unit bought in Northern America, as we believed that the 660W power supply shipped with the system (as there are no higher-wattage power supplies in Europe) could not supply enough power for the machine. Even after the 1kW PSU was installed, the crashes and freezes remained.
:( remember all those DELL QUAD Geforce system which are already sold out? poor sods who bought them get a system that crashes when you want to enable eye candy (SLI AA)

and Crossfire X1900XTX is better? ugh...

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