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jmke 13th July 2007 22:26

NVIDIA GeForce 7025/7050: Integrated Chipset Series For AMD64 With HDMI Support
On the whole, the new chipset from NVIDIA produced a nice impression on us. Along with decent functionality and performance, we can mention its low heat release, just like in AMD 690G. Biostar engineers equipped the motherboard on GeForce 7050 with a larger heatsink than the model on AMD 690G. But we should keep in mind that the NVIDIA chipset consists of only one chip. So if we compare the total heat dissipation, they will most likely be on a par. We come to the same conclusion, when we compare the chipsets by other criteria. Its higher total performance score in games is 'compensated' by the defeat in video decoding tests. And what concerns functionality, differences between GeForce 7050 and AMD 690G are minimized, as if deliberately. Perhaps, it's convenient from a consumer's point of view. But it will hardly help NVIDIA promote the chipset. Motherboard design requires certain resources. And when it's ready, similar products from the same manufacturer start competing with each other. So the total number of sold motherboards (the most interesting parameter for a company) will not grow much. So why launch a motherboard on GeForce 7050 at all, if a similar product on the older AMD 690G chipset is already available?<br><br>

Of course, manufacturers interested in providing a wide range of products for end users, like Biostar, will produce motherboards on both chipsets (in several bundles) specially for serious-minded readers, who seek solutions strictly for their tasks. And NVIDIA will have to find weightier arguments for the mass market. However, the AMD64 platform has one advantage - it does not have a direct relation between CPU generations and chipsets. As a result, we can see the best chipsets of the previous generations used in modern motherboards. So, even if the main manufacturers don't launch motherboards on GeForce 7050 at once, this chipset may be used by many motherboards in future as the platform is updated.<br><br>

We should also say a few words about GeForce 7025 and AMD 690V, which are almost identical in functionality. There is only a small difference - the NVIDIA chipset has the second graphics slot and supports DVI, while the AMD chipset preserves hardware-assisted decoding of HD Video and an integrated TV-Out. So they supplement rather than compete with each other.

FireTech 15th July 2007 00:00

I couldn't really work out what his final conclusion was?
Seems 690G has better output quality for HTPC use but 7050 has a lower CPU usage...

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