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jmke 1st February 2006 18:18

Nvidia Claims Third-Party Chipsets Do Not Support SLI
Nvidia Corp. said that third-party core-logic sets cannot currently serve as a base for a multi-GPU system based on the GeForce graphics processing units (GPUs) despite of declared support for Nvidia’s scalable link interface (SLI) technology on two Uli-based mainboards by Asrock manufacturer.

Asrock, a well-known maker of inexpensive mainboards, recently launched two new products for AMD processors in 939-pin form-factor – 939SLI-eSATA2 and 939SLI32-eSATA2 – based on Uli M1697 and Uli M1697 + M1695 chips claiming support for Nvidia SLI multi-GPU technology . Besides, the mainboard maker has implemented a special slot where users will eventually be able to install a converter that is equipped with forthcoming 940-pin Socket AM2 for future-generations Advanced Micro Devices’ processors.

But Nvidia seems to be negative about certifying operation of its SLI technology even on chipsets from Uli, a chipset designer it currently owns. The only platform to support SLI is Nvidia’s own media and communication processors (MCPs).

“The Asrock board is not a certified configuration and will not be supported in the future. Our highest priority is to certify motherboards featuring Nvidia nForce MCPs,” said Bryan Del Rizzo, a spokesman for Nvidia chipset division.

AMD declined to comment on unannounced Socket AM2 products – which are expected to be available in months – and their support by current chipsets, unofficial sources implied that AMD may push the speed of HyperTransport bus of its future chips up to 1333MHz in an attempt to boost performance and it is unclear whether current chipsets are capable of handling such high frequency even when overclocked.

Asrock could not be reached for comment.

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