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jmke 24th December 2008 14:59

NVIDIA Atom Chipset Useless Without Intel Blessing
As you probably already know, nVidia has come up with a chipset for Atom processors called Ion. It provides a good deal more video oomph than the Intel 945 chipsets that now gets packaged with every Atom sold, enough to handle HD.

Well, Intel is definitely not in the holiday spirit, and has said that it will not sell any Atom without a 945 chipset or cooperate in the least with nVidia when it comes to Atom. It's going to be very, very hard for nVidia to give birth to this Son of Atom if anyone who would like to build an Ion system has to pay for an Intel 945 paperweight with that Atom. They could make ubergeeky Christmas tree ornaments, but at about $50 a pop, I don't think they'd be a red-hot seller.

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