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jmke 15th October 2005 01:40

Nvidia announces Geforce 6800 GS
NVIDIA ANNOUNCED a new part to compete with ATI's upcoming X1600 part. Its called Geforce 6800 GS and is based on NV42 chip. This chip is manufactured at TSMC and its built on 110 nanometer process.
This card performs like 6800GT and has 256-bit memory interface. Nvidia positions it both price and performance-wise up against rival ATI's X1600XT and X1600PRO.

ATI's Radeon X1600 generation was killing Nvidia's Geforce 6600 generation and Nvidia had to do something. The Geforce 6800 GS looks like a suitable riposte. Suggested retail price for 256MB part is $249.

ATI's X1600XT and PRO cards feature a 128-bit memory interface while Nvidia is positioning 256-bit cards against. We are quite sure that Nvidia will add some additional pressure on ATI mainstream sales.

The card should be available in coming few weeks.

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