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jmke 4th June 2009 10:24

NVIDIA 40nm card coming this month? Geforce GT 220
We are talking about a cheap board branded as Geforce GT220 and this card should most likely replace the Geforce 9500 series.

The card has 128-bit memory interface and it comes with 1GB of DDR3 memory. It should cost slightly over $50 and the first shipment of chips should be available in late June, at least according to partners.

jmke 4th June 2009 10:26

Geforce 9500 GT is extremely low performance, it often times is outrun by the 8600 GT, it's about half as fast as the 9600 GT, which in turn is noticeable slower than ATI's 40nm: HD 4770.

Any enthusiast who wants to play games at >1280x1024 should steer clear

Kougar 8th June 2009 01:18

8600GT is pretty bad as-is, has to be plenty of better performing cards like the 4650. Even the 9600GSO costs ~$55.

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