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ModdiN MansoN 13th April 2004 14:42

same scenario here for my (t)rusty ol' ti4600 :)

jmke 13th April 2004 19:33

More specs and pics

jmke 13th April 2004 19:49

yes we've seen 775 mobo @ Cebit with DDR1
and socket 478 with DDR2

what do you "where is Bosw8er"? :)

jmke 13th April 2004 20:30

More (big) pics

mirrors of the biggest pics:

187(V)URD@ 13th April 2004 20:51


At least NVIDIA recommends testers to use 480W and over power supplies. By the way, GeForce 6800 Ultra reference cards will occupy two standard slots. However, it's not obligatory for all vendors, so we might see single-slot models as well.
If that's true ... I need some more power :/

Xploited Titan 13th April 2004 20:59

Btw, these two molex connectors don't mean it suck 2 times more juice then the previous generation... It's normally used to enhance the stability of the current the card needs... ;)

But, I think the new CPUs drain too much... Especially the Intel ones...

jmke 14th April 2004 10:26


Looks like someone has leaked [H]ardOCP's benchies for their Nvidia GeForce 6800 Ultra review and it's not looking to good for Nvidia if these score's a right?


check the settings of the NV40 in each bench, it has FSAA enabled versus disabled on the other cards and puts out the same amount of FPS!

Sidney 14th April 2004 11:34

socket 775 / motherboard out in China. I read an article two weeks ago in Chinese. Board makers are reluctant; due to pins onboard rather than on CPU ..... warranty issues... pins are surface mounted meaning no easy way to replace just the socket.

jmke 14th April 2004 11:43

the NV40 seems to be a monster!
12xxx 3DMark2003 is real!


The system we used consists of a Pentium 4 3.2GHz EE processor, EpoX’ 4PCA3+ i875P chipset motherboard, 1GB of Crucial DDR400 memory and two Western Digital WD740GD Raptors in raid0.

ModdiN MansoN 14th April 2004 15:08

I'm drooling all over the place here, can't wait to get my hands on one :)

any news on the ATI-front ?

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