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Stefan Mileschin 17th April 2012 07:38

Nokia fixes Lumia 900 bug
Former rubber boot maker, turned troubled mobile phone maker Nokia, has announced that it has fixed a major software bug in its Lumia 900 smartphones.

Nokia's first 4G phone was dropping its data connection due to the bug, which lead many to coclude that the company was following the iPhone 4 a little too closely. Nokia did the decent thing, admitted the fault, and gave its users a $100 rebate. Still, given its worries, it needed all this like a hole in the head.

Over the weekend it announced that the update is available and punters can update their AT&T version of the Nokia Lumia 900's software.

The Lumia 900 is the third Nokia phone to run Microsoft’s Windows operating system since it ditched its own Symbian system last year.

It is due for a wider global launch this quarter and a lot is depending on it. Nokia needs to claw back the money it has lost after it walked away from Symbian and prove to the world that Windows on a smartphone is a good idea.

Fortunately the Lumia won several awards at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas when it appeared in January.

The phone will be a stopgap as it is expected to benefit more from when Windows 8 comes out later this year.

Last week, Nokia also warned that its phone business would post losses and there are fears that if it does not sort itself out sharpish, it could be in deep trouble.

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