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jmke 23rd January 2006 17:19

Next Generation of Apple Computers Will Run Windows?
Cuptertino, CA Steve Jobs announced the next generation of Apple computers will run a specially branded version of Microsoft Windows.

"The move to Intel hardware really was the first step in bringing our computers into the mainstream. We knew if we wanted to continue our momentum that we needed to think different. With our move to Windows, we'll go from 5% of the market to nearly 98% overnight," said Jobs.

The new operating system codenamed OS Xp will be branded with the Apple logo and contain Apple alternatives to common Microsoft programs. For example, Windows Media Player will be replaced by iTunes. The user interface, however, will maintain the familiar look and feel of Windows

Rutar 23rd January 2006 20:36

I think this one is a joke.

Jobs also noted that Apple would begin using more beiges and grays in their box design. He said, "Really, who needs a colorful computer?"

Beige and grey? Titanium look all the way maybe but certainly not cheap looking colours.

jmke 23rd January 2006 20:50

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Rutar 23rd January 2006 20:54

well, it would be a smart move to give the option for a dual boot machine as it would bring them all the customers that are affraid of compatibility

piotke 23rd January 2006 21:26

Mac intels probably will be able to run windows XP -more or less-.
So far there is no hardware protection integrated.

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