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jmke 6th March 2010 14:12

Newegg Customers Get Empty "Demo" Intel CPU Boxes.. Core i7 "inside"?
From the outside of the box, you can see where a cursory glance would pass these off as real. Once you open the box, which is supposed to be sealed till it gets to the customer, you can easily see that things are not right. The "book" of blank pages stapled together is supposed to be the instruction manual. Checking out the label on the box you see that it is very believable.

Newegg is aware of a shipping error that occurred with certain recent orders of the Intel Core i7-920 CPU. After investigating the issue internally it appears one of our long term partners mistakenly shipped a small number of demo boxes instead of functional units. Our customer service team has already begun proactively reaching out to the affected customers. In line with our commitment to ensure total customer satisfaction, we are doing everything in our power to resolve the issue as soon as possible and with the least amount of inconvenience to our customers.

leeghoofd 6th March 2010 14:34

Why not label the demo boxes...

jmke 6th March 2010 14:47

'cause they're supposed to represent the real product when looked at from the outside...

leeghoofd 6th March 2010 15:00

well better stay dumb deaf and blind then and pay all shipping back costs then

While a small label/barcode could have distinguished these from the originals

jmke 6th March 2010 17:52

who could? blaming Egg or their distro?

Doctor_Death 6th March 2010 18:54

You really cannot blame DandH I've been doing business with them for years and have never had a single problem with them. They must have gotten scammed also, but they should have checked the boxes out.

Kougar 7th March 2010 00:01


Originally Posted by jmke (Post 255263)
'cause they're supposed to represent the real product when looked at from the outside...

It takes all of two seconds to generate a clear box code for the security label that indicates it is a fake/demo box only.

It is incredibly stupid to create an elaborate "demo" that looks like the genuine $300+ product in all respects and create a legitimate security label with legitimate codes for a demo/fake box.

Intel should get the blame as much as anyone else as they created these things and didn't properly track them or put safeguards in place given the lengths undertaken to make them look convincingly real. Couldn't of asked for a better fake, bypasses all security measures put in place (that's why the windows in the box exist in the first place) and even comes with a genuine security label. :) Even the pack date says November 2009

jmke 7th March 2010 10:18

correct. Intel is to blame; not the distro or newegg;

either way, be on the lookout for batch #3938B006 , to avoid :)

piotke 7th March 2010 21:06

There must be also a clear difference in weight.

Kougar 7th March 2010 22:42


Originally Posted by piotke (Post 255303)
There must be also a clear difference in weight.

Some, but these boxes feel "light" already. The real version weighs 2.5 pounds.

Newegg workers quickly grabbing a box and tossing it into a order bin isn't going to think twice, even if they do a quick glance in the "window" shows a processor, a real security sticker, and a full package seal. If all the boxes on the shelf "feel" the same, would you question it? ;)

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