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jmke 28th May 2008 01:04

New Nvidia GFX cards used to encode HD videos 2xReal Time
Video encoding on new gen Nvidia card coming out in June '08

jmke 28th May 2008 01:06

Screw CUDA benching, this is the stuff:)

Kougar 28th May 2008 03:09

H.264 @ 1440x1080i in 2x realtime.... extremely impressive. :) Intel's best chips can't even play this in realtime if the bitrate is high!

jmke 28th May 2008 11:49

interesting info here:


You will have to have (at least) two NVIDIA GPUs in your system to run SuperPI or any other CUDA applicaton on a GPU for more than 5 seconds.

Primary display adapter in Windows cannot work under full load for more than 5 seconds without the task being aborted by the operating system because the OS assumes that the driver has got stuck.

Such a limitation does not apply to the secondary adapter. Therefore, you will be able to use only secondary adapter for running any CUDA applications which take more than 5 seconds to complete their workload.

That means you will have to invest in a dual PCI-Express x16 mainboard and into another NVIDIA card, even if it is only 9600GT (or cheaper) for the primary display adapter.

And when you are already investing, why not go SLI? That way NVIDIA sells two cards and a mainboard chipset. Nice way of to boost the sales.

Some of you already have SLI, and some may want to get it because of this "exciting" announcement so a word of warning to you:

1. You won't be able to run CUDA applications with SLI enabled EVER. Each CUDA application must manage multiple GPUs on its own.

2. Multi-GPU CUDA applications require that each GPU thread be associated with a distinct CPU thread. It means that for maximum performance on a Quad GPU setup you would need Quad-Core CPU as well.

Kougar 28th May 2008 13:35

I was not sure if that was true. Why does that not affect ATI GPU Folding@Home clients? The ATI GPU F@H client also supports ATI GPUS in Crossfire.

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