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RichBa5tard 30th December 2002 02:10

New 42.01 det improve FSAA

I've FSAA & antisoptric is your thing, download ASAP!

jmke 30th December 2002 18:53

I'm no fan of either of those

slows the framerate too much down, for that little bit of added image quality

RichBa5tard 30th December 2002 20:11

Little bit? ??? Image Quality is improved A LOT in my humble opinion. Ask Calantak. ;)

The Senile Doctor 30th December 2002 20:13

image quality in 4*quality /2* compared to 0/0 : huge difference!

and the framerate on the radeon stays high (60+ mean in 1280*1024 ut2k3)

jmke 30th December 2002 20:14

I call it a little bit
certainly in games like UT2003 and Quake 3, where 150+ FPS are favourable over 60+ with AA and AS

I agree that in racegames , RTS, RPG and other less 1st person games it will make alot of difference

but the Ti4600 can't cope with it anyway, unless you overclock your CPU & the vidcard :D


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