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jmke 12th April 2009 09:35

Netbook Battery Life Comparison
So far, we’ve tested a pretty decent range of netbooks available on the market not only for performance but also for battery life and we’ve found a considerable range of run times from the supplied batteries from as little as 1hr55mins to a massive 6hrs56mins.

So far, MSI’s Wind U115 Hybrid is on top with an excellent 6hrs56mins followed by the Asus Eee PC 1000HD and 901 models. It shouldn’t surprise you that all three of these units feature six-cell batteries. HP, Lenovo and the Dell Inspiron Mini 12 share the bottom three places on the ladder with their three-cell batteries limiting run time.

jmke 12th April 2009 09:38

it was pretty clear that the MSI Wind U115 would never reach 10 hours of normal usage. 7 hours is impressive though for the battery used! I got a 7200mAh battery in my MSI Wind U100, it would rank 2nd in the list;)

comparing battery rating to battery life, the U115 is still high on the list, but Dell Mini 9 beats it
if Dell would release the Mini 9 with a 6-cell battery it would rank first:)

Kougar 12th April 2009 10:35

Pretty sure the Dell Mini 10 has a 6-cell battery upgrade coming... Mini 12 has one already. Mini 9 really needs it...

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