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jmke 11th September 2008 22:28

Nehalem and memory overclocking
We've posted information regarding Intel's Nehalem platform and its support for various DDR3 memory clock frequencies in the past. We've come across some more now, actually a lot more. As stated in the previous reports, the Nehalem platform will officially support only DDR3-800 and DDR3-1066, but there is still a strong buzz that there will be official support for DDR3-1333 memory, but it has not been decided yet.

There have been some confusion as to why Intel Core i7 would not support DDR3 memory clocked at higher frequencies and the first thing you need to be aware of is that it is not the frequency of the memory that is the culprit.

The problem is rather that the memory and the processor internals are fed synchronized voltages. Previous reports have stated that anything above 1.65V would fry a Nehalem processor and it would certainly be hard to get any of today's DDR3 memory modules to any kind of decent speeds at this voltage. But, these stories are exaggerated, but the fact remains that Nehalem processors are not going to like voltages above 1.7V.,8118.html

Massman 11th September 2008 23:00

Lol ... I don't know who thought that people won't be able to use their 1333 memory on i7.


Kougar 11th September 2008 23:59

So now once again it's being stated memory and IMC voltages are synchronized....

I just wish the damn thing would launch so we'd know the final, absolute specs and can be done with it. ;)

phlegm 12th September 2008 00:06

I really hope they aren't synced. That would be a pain in the ***.

thorgal 12th September 2008 07:31

You'll need damn good DDR3 to get above 1333 on reasonable latencies at 1.7V.

Kind of defeats the whole DDR3 point : DDR3 is only faster than DDR2 from 1333 onwards (so JEDEC says themselves), so I think this is a bigger problem than you'd think...

Kougar 12th September 2008 07:37

There are at least three kits I know of that do DDR3-1600 CAS 9 using 1.6v.

Kingston made DDR3-1375MHz 5-7-5-15 RAM but it required 1.8v.

thorgal 12th September 2008 08:56


Originally Posted by Kougar (Post 223727)
There are at least three kits I know of that do DDR3-1600 CAS 9 using 1.6v.

Kingston made DDR3-1375MHz 5-7-5-15 RAM but it required 1.8v.

Well, you say it yourself : cas 9... the 2Ghz kit from OCZ I tested the other day also does about 1600 cas 9 on stock voltage, but performance is far worse than 1333 low latency, and I doubt it'll beat DDR2 1066 cas 4.

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