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Sidney 20th April 2005 01:34

Mushkin New Parts
Mushkin Enhanced Memory is proud to announce some new products we will be releasing next week. Please add this to your list of products that you currently carry. Data sheets will also be sent out.

We will be calling these the Red Line Series … XP3500 and XP4000 with timing of 2-2-2.

991437- 512MB XP3500 2-2-2 @ 2.9v-3.0v Redline

991438- 1GB XP3500 2-2-2 @ 3.0v (2x512) Redline

991439- 512MB XP4000 2-2-2 @ 3.3v-3.4v Redline

991440- 1GB XP4000 2-2-2 @ 3.3v (2x512) Redline

We will also be discontinuing the 990992 and the 991140. These are the 512 300 Blue cas 2-3-3 and 1gig dual kit 3200 blue (2x512mb). We have replaced them with better performing and better latency parts for the same low price. These new parts are…

991432- 512MB PC3200 2-3-3 Blue

991433- 1GB PC3200 Blue Dual Pack (2x512MB)

991435- 512MB PC3200 2-3-2 @ 2.7V REDLINE

991436- 1GB PC3200 Dual Pack 2-3-2 (2x512MB) REDLINE

I will be sending out a new pricelist that will reflect these changes next week. We will be also introducing a lot more new items in the coming months. Thank you for your continue support. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Tom Duong

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