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Sidney 27th May 2005 20:21

Mushkin 1GB DC DDR400 Redline
The Mushkin 1GB DDR400 Redline series memory module is a very highly
overclockable memory module that will meet the needs of most enthusiasts.
This pair of DDR400 is one of the fastest frequencies RAM of the DDR
memory range. This dual channel RAM is able to run at tight timings of
2-3-2-6 which is the best and basic requirement for a good memory module.
Furthermore, with the voltage of 2.9V, it was able to hit 236 MHz which is
equal to DDR 472 with the tight timings of 2-3-2-6. With a higher voltage
at 3.6V, the Redline modules are able to reach 258MHz at the timing of

Link :

jmke 27th May 2005 20:30

9 pages.. when will they learn?

"As for the maximum overclocking for this pair of 1GB Mushkin DDR400 Redline modules, I have set the memory voltage to 3.6V and with the tight timing at 2-3-2-6. Therefore, I could bring the speed up from 200MHz to 258MHz which is equal to DDR516. This was an excellent result with such tight timing could achieve high FSB."

Ras to Cas should be kept at "2" instead of "3" for really tight timings :-)

still 258Mhz at CL2 for PC3200 memory ain't bad:)

my first ever memory review, how did I do, in comparison?

Sidney 27th May 2005 20:41

>2.9 Volt will limit many users. 2-3-2-6 = semi tight? :)

jmke 27th May 2005 20:44

it's what we called tight when Winbond stopped their BH-5/6 series and before the arrival of Samsung, and now Winbond UTT.

but these sticks are Winbond UTT and will hold CL2 2-2-5 timings quite high; no need in my humble opinion to drop to "3" Cas to Ras, the performance you in gain in FSB you lose because of more relaxed timings

jmke 27th May 2005 20:47

[M] redline review: 90

"The results below were achieved after spending many hours testing and re-testing on what is arguably the most extreme overclocking AMD motherboard available. I was able to run these modules to 260HTT at their default timings and just requiring the voltage jumper for 3.3V ran the memory at a lower latency of CL2-2-2-6 to 245HTT. Mushkin was surprised I achieved the results I did and while they were happy for me they also want to indicate such results are not guaranteed. To reiterate, overclocking is always the luck of the draw and manufacturers only test each part for a certain performance ceiling, that I've found a kit with what may be an exceptionally high performance ceiling should be noted. It didn't hurt to have 4.0V available, the number of memory settings on the DFI, and proprietary cooling on the memory. I ran Mushkin's 1GB HP3200 at: 11x200FSB CL2-3-2-6 (2.7V), 10x245FSB 2-2-2-6 (3.3V), 10x260FSB CL2-3-2-6 (3.3V)."

jmke 27th May 2005 20:50

"At first we really canít believe that these modules are able to do 250MHz with 1.5-2-2 timing on the DFI LP UT nF4 Ultra-D and it was rock solid with memtest86 without giving any errors. After that, we went through some internet searching and found that most of the Redline users are able to do it as well and some of them even can get 280-290 MHz with 1.5-2-2 timing (equivalent to a XP4000)."


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