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jmke 27th July 2009 15:41

MSI X58M Motherboard Review
There are many users out there who do not need a full ATX case. Whether it be because you only have one graphics card, or just a lack of case space, a micro ATX board is just what you have been looking for. Currently there is not much selection, with just one more high end oriented micro ATX board. Today we have MSI's X58M, a micro ATX board for the masses. This happens to be the cheapest X58 board currently, certainly putting it as at least worth a look for many users.

The hard part about being the cheapest board is low expectations. The cheapest generally means that it will not be nearly as good as something more expensive. MSI hopes to rid its users of this thought by providing a top quality board for a basement price point. They certainly have me onboard, but I have doubts as to how well this board will overclock or how it will handle with large amounts of RAM. If MSI has engineered a truly great board, we should see great performance in both of these fields.

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