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jmke 24th May 2009 01:57

MSI's $150 X58 Motherboard Previewed
We were speaking with MSI a few weeks ago about their upcoming product plans and one item stood out in the conversation. No, it was not the excellent 790FX-GD70 motherboard that has earned our admiration and soon our praise, nor was it the new N260GTX-Lightning Black Edition GTX 260 video card or their updates to the Wind Netbook line. Now, all of these and some we cannot discuss are actually very interesting products for their market segments. However, when we heard X58 and $150 in the same sentence, our ear lobes tweaked and sly smiles developed on our faces. We were told that MSI was hard at work on delivering an X58 motherboard as close to the $150 mark as possible.

We thought this idea was really interesting and certainly made sense when looking at the current Intel product lineup - a lineup that currently means either means going Socket 775 and buying into the P45 chipset in the $85~$130 range or smartly bypassing the now defunct X38/X48 lineup for the X58 product along with its processor and RAM upgrade requirements. The mere mention of X58 typically means a $300 ringtone goes off in our minds. Lately, that ringtone has become softer as several boards are available in the sub $200 range including MSIís X58 Pro and various models from ECS, Foxconn, DFI, and Gigabyte.

thorgal 24th May 2009 20:24

Hmm, 920D0 at 4.6ghz 1.35V - Not really representative for a normal cpu in my humble opinion, I guess this one's hand picked :-/

jmke 24th May 2009 20:29

it's mobo review; not CPU OC article... :)

thorgal 24th May 2009 22:39


Originally Posted by jmke (Post 238491)
it's mobo review; not CPU OC article... :)

Yes, but it's all about the cpu overclock in the article

Kougar 25th May 2009 13:52


Originally Posted by thorgal (Post 238497)
Yes, but it's all about the cpu overclock in the article

All the more reason to have a really good overclocking CPU, in order to find the board's limits.

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