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Sidney 20th October 2004 19:56

MSI RX9550SE Video Card Review
As I have said time and time again, not everyone needs a $300 +
video card. Most people can get away with a hell of a lot less and be
quite happy… most won’t even notice the difference. Certainly, gamers
will disagree (justifiably). They crave the highest framerates and this
card simply will not provide those kinds of results… but it does offer a
very stable solution for office workers are casual gamers. Remember – I
have been playing Doom 3 with this card since I got it without a single
hiccup and the game looks absolutely fantastic.

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jmke 20th October 2004 19:59

no offence, but playing the game at anything below high quality settings is a big difference!

medium/low quality is not comparable to the xperience you get when running at HQ settings.

in my humble opinion


However, I have been playing Doom 3 with the FX5500 and the 9250 without any problems. But that’s because I have been playing it at 640x480 with lower video settings

Sidney 20th October 2004 19:59

Certainly you don't need to have a $300+ vcard to be a gamer; I'm a cheap gamer; gamer neverthless.:D

Another card that is dirt cheap is the R9000. I am getting better result from the above review with a $50 card. Great Oc'er, with 10% over on core and 25% increase in memory - passive cooling.;)

jmke 20th October 2004 20:01

your FX5900XT can give better Doom3 experience (HQ 1024x768 with doom3 tweaks, look it up at this forum, some simple tweaks give massive increase in playability!)

Sidney 20th October 2004 20:02

You never notice what you don't know .......
Never use your friend's high end system, or you would go home feeling/comparing what you have ........ end up a sleepless night and can't wait to get a better system.:D

Sidney 20th October 2004 20:04

Oh, yes. The SA900XT @465/770 rocks in both performance and price ($170). Just got a cheap 9600XT, should be here next week.

Planning on getting X800pro or 6800 ..... will keep you update in how I plan on getting them.... if it turns out the way I planned.;)

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