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jmke 8th September 2008 11:53

MSI Radeon 4850 R4850-V101 Video Card Review
The 4850 is a great mid-range card at under $200 MSRP and is gaining momentum as a well priced gaming solution. Newegg has the MSI card for under $195, only $5 more than the standard MSI 4850 without the special cooling. MSI's card has the distinction of being the coolest running HD 4850 I have yet to test with temperatures 10 degrees less than the standard reference card under load. The HD 4850 supports all of the features of DirectX 10.1 meaning that if a game requires it the card supports it. As the little brother of the HD 4870, the HD 4850 from MSI is a great choice for all but the most hardcore enthusiast who would want the more expensive 4870 or HD 4870 X2 cards in any event. At the end of the day the MSI R4850 512M video card is worth the extra $5 as it runs much cooler than the standard 4850 card and sacrifices nothing for it in terms of performance or features.

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