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jmke 8th August 2008 15:36

MSI GeForce GTX 280 OC Graphics Card
While the GTX 280 might be the most powerful single cored graphics card on the market at the moment, it didnít seem to be greeted with welcomed arms. A high price tag and small to no gains over its older dual GPU brother, the 9800 GX2 meant that people didnít get all that excited about it.

Today weíre going to take the time to see what MSI have done to the card. We know theyíve decided to overclock the card, but we wonder if theyíve done anything else with it to let it stand out from the pack. While we havenít fallen head over heels for the GTX 280, thereís no denying that itís a very fast single core card and itís difficult not to be impressed by the performance the single GPU puts out.

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