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jmke 20th October 2008 16:13

MSI DKA790GX Platinum Motherboard Review
MSI has built a stellar motherboard with the DKA790GX Platinum board. The board has all of the features that you would want from a 790GX motherboard including HD 3300 graphics with Crossfire X capability, ACC overclocking and more. From a performance point of view, the DKA790GX has nearly the same performance as the other 790GX board that I tested, meaning that it is pretty high on the totem pole. It did work better in Hybrid CrossFire than our previous 790GX boards and that is a very good thing.The 790GX integrated graphics are the best on the market in terms of performance and features and this is a great example of the total package MSI has put together in this motherboard. The Advanced Calibration Control that the 790GX supports allows for higher overclocking than the 790FX chipset, meaning that this board is a good choice for those wanting the best out of their system.

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