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jmke 1st October 2009 16:17

MSI Afterburner VGA OC Software Tool Explored
Since the introduction of RivaTuner, which is a very common video card overclocking utility for Nvidia and ATI based video cards, a lot of computer manufacturers have been trying to come up with their own special program that gives us users the same abilities that RivaTuner does. A lot of times these special programs fail miserably, and one of the reasons for this is because they will only work on that manufacturers components, or they are still very limited on overclocking options.

Then EVGA came out with an overclocking program that works on a multitude of video cards and has no boundaries. Lets face it, EVGA's precision is based off the ever popular RivaTuner. But there is a draw back to this program. Sure it works perfectly on all manufacturers Nvidia based video cards, this program does not work on ATI cards at all. Being it is based on RivaTuners programming capabilities, one would think that EVGA Precision would be.

Now MSI came out with another RivaTuner spin off, but this time we have even more flexibility than RivaTuner could ever have. What is that extra that RivaTuner does not have? What we do get is the ability to add voltages to our video cards, giving us even more overclocking head room to snuff out our opponents in all out overclocking endeavors.

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