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jmke 31st March 2008 08:28

Modified Asrock AGP board helps ATI 9800XT Break Records!
A long time ago I decided that it was about time to do some real overkill overclocking on an AGP platform to really push the old technology to the limits.

Starting with the Asrock 4coredual-vsta, I carried out some rather non standard vmods including a full replacement of the onboard capacitors and uprated some of the power circuits for DDR2 and vNB/vAGP

Next up was the choice of card - I decided to go with the fastest AGP only card, the Ati 9800XT. Having played with a friends 9800Pro, I hit fleabay and got myself a used Sapphire 9800XT with some Hynix 2.0ns memory. Vmodded the gpu the memory vdd and vddq so free up the clocks for later.

Final part of the puzzle was cooling. Time to go full out with some LN2 cooling - with a custom LN2 tube. Simple design using a bored out aluminium with a circular pyramid copper core compression fitted.

Massman 31st March 2008 11:25

Madshrimps is hosting the first article regarding AGP overclocking, by the way ;)

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