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jmke 16th March 2011 09:21

Microsoft Releases Internet Explorer 9
First the more obvious story -- Microsoft is improving, but arguably not fast enough. IE9 looks and feels like a modern browser.

It also looks and feels noticeably slower than Chrome, Opera, or even Firefox. While the gap is not as wide as in past versions (e.g. IE8, or esp. IE 7) it is visibly apparent. Open a page on DailyTech in Chrome, and you see text literally seconds a second or two later. Open the same page in IE 9 and you get a distinct pause as several seconds pass, before article text loads.

This qualitative example is indicative of our test drives of IE9 as a whole. While the speed isn't horrible, if you've been using a modern browser like Chrome or Opera, you'll definitely get frustrated at the ever-present delay.

Standards support is a remarkably similar story. Microsoft has gained ground by implementing parts of the HTML5 and CSS3 standards, but the percentage of support for these standards is far lower than rival browsers.

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