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Sidney 30th August 2005 22:02

MGE Magnum 500W PSU
Power supplies, everybody needs one, but which one do you need? Lots of companies make them, but are they any good? All the major companies claim that theirs is the best, how do you know? You can read all the reviews you want, and listen to everyone, and what they 'suggest' you buy. I have many PSUs lying around from my purchases and reviews, normally when I hear I am getting something for review I like to check around and see what others thought of it, and see what I can expect from the product, but I have found that it's always different, all reviews are different. I can tell you honestly that I try and be honest, if you have been reading my reviews for any length of time you should know that. I will tell you what is good, and what is bad. Anyway, today I have the distinct pleasure of reviewing the Xgbox Magnum 500watt power supply, that won the #1 Award for Superior Silence at CES 2005. Is it a good power supply? Is it really quiet? (obviously it is or it would not have won the award!) Being quiet, is one thing, what about performance? Well read on to find out the answers.

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