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Stefan Mileschin 28th May 2012 08:05

Mass Effect 3 PC Review @
Mass Effect 3 is the third, and final installment (so they say) of the Mass Effect trilogy. The first chapter of the franchise, Mass Effect, was released back in November 2007 by developer Bioware under Microsoft Studios for the Xbox 360, and PC. The game's story, love scenes, in dept galaxy back drop, characters, and the ability to make choices that would effect the game itself were praised by critics, and fans alike. However the game did spawn some criticism from some players who felt the game's combat system as clunky, RPG system being too complicated, and the side quest missions which were not part of the main story line, and involved exploring planets were monotonous. A dislike was especially made known for the game's ground base vehicle, the Maco (ah we remember the Maco so well) for it being to awkward to maneuver. Many defendants of the game credit these critisms as originating from people who don't play RPG games, and as such don't understand the system for which these genere's of games are based on. They also credit the negative comments as being made by people who seemed to try, and play the game as a third person shooter as the game really isn't. Defending the Maco however was not as strong. It was pretty much not liked by both supporters, and opponents of the game alike. Poor Maco : (. Regardless of the complaints, the game garnered a huge fan base, and many were anxiously awaiting the sequel.

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